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Jose Cano was destined to become an accomplished deer hunter. Hunting is a long Cano family tradition that began in Cuba, where Jose’s father and uncles all hunted deer. After they escaped to the US, the tradition continued with the family hunting together and teaching the new generation born in Florida. Jose started hunting as a young boy with his father, brothers, and cousins in the South Florida swamps and prairies. The other hunters would laugh, “Here comes Jorge with his kindergartners.” Young Jose was a natural and quickly became a skilled hunter, taking more deer than the adults.

Today, after 45 years, Jose is an accomplished and respected deer hunter, and an expert with a bow, rifle, and black powder. He attributes his success to a natural understanding and instinct of knowing the land and deer habits, and he believes in spending the time before a hunt to scout the land and develop a strategy to pattern a mature buck, focusing on deer travel corridors and transition areas.

Jose hunts Florida, Georgia, and Kentucky. He believes Florida is the hardest hunt because of the habitat. Jose strongly believes in using deer scents as part of his hunting tricks; he uses doe urine early in the season, switches to doe estrous urine in the pre-rut and rut period, and he also uses dominant buck urine.  Jose enjoys the beauty and unpredictability of the outdoors, and he continues the Cano tradition by sharing his knowledge, experience, and success helping set other hunters up on deer.Click the images in the deer pictures gallery to view the full size picture.

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