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Some people may be turned away at the thought of using doe urine, but it's actually an effective way to cover your natural scent and draw the curiosity of nearby bucks. You can pick up small bottles of this stuff from most sporting goods stores for about $20 bucks, which should last you multiple seasons depending on how much you use. If you're interested in using this powerful tool, keep reading and we'll go over some basic tips on how to effectively use doe urine when hunting. Rut While doe urine can be used during any part of the season to help cover your scent, it works best during the breeding season (rut). At this time, bucks are actively searching area forests and surrounding areas in hopes of finding a doe to mate with. You can use this to your advantage by placing a small amount of doe urine on the ground around your tree stand or hunting blind. Even if you can't smell it, nearby bucks and other deer will, and

hopefully it will draw their curiosity to see what's happening in your area.

Don't assume that breeding season is the only time when doe urine can be used, though. On the contrary, you can use it any time throughout

the season to help cover your scent and attract other deer. The fact is that bucks in particular are draw in by the smell of doe urine, so common sense should tell you that placing a little bit around your hunting location will draw them in.

Boots Along with placing doe urine around your tree stand or hunting blind, you can also place it on your boots. Just take a bottle of doe urine and place a few small drops directly onto the bottom of your boots. When you walk into the woods to find your hunting location, the urine will cover

your scent and leave a nice deer scent behind that bucks may pick up on and check out.Cotton Ball Another little trick I've learned while hunting is that you can cover your scent in a hunting blind or tree stand by placing a few drops of

doe urine on a cotton ball and hanging it on a tree branch around you. As long as the wind is blowing in the right direction, it should blow the scent directly into the path of oncoming deer, which will naturally help you out.

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